Thursday, September 22, 2011

closet capers

Closets don't get nearly as much love as they deserve. Think about how many times a day you open closets to get coats, bags, cleaning products and clothes?

Mine were really suffering from too many days of "I'm too busy to put stuff away in its correct place" -- and in some cases, the "correct places" didn't yet exist.

And I'm pretty lucky to have an old house with decent closets on the main level and in the master bedroom. (Of course, the master bedroom closet came at the expense of the closet in the blue bedroom before I bought it, but I'm working on some fun solutions for that...)

First off, here's my newly organized downstairs closet. It's the brown door on the north side of the dining room, by the doorway to the living room.

On the right are everyday jackets and hangers for guests.

On the left, old prom dresses and winter jackets. Far to the left is where I keep the extra dining room chairs, and there's also a handy shelf where I keep extra candles and candleholders.

Front and center are some shoe and sweater holders that I've repurposed for more candles and things I need to grab quickly on a regular basis: chargers for the drill, vacuum cleaner and personal electronics; hats and mittens for winter; umbrellas and extra surge protectors.

Votives, tealights and aroma melts are sorted by season (right now, fall/winter fragrances like spiced cider and cinnamon bayberry are at the top, and spring/summer fragrances like lemongrass and citronella are on the bottom shelves).

Once that closet was conquered, it was much easier to tackle my master bedroom closet.

I started with the seasonal clean-out: shorts, summer dresses and blouses went in the "seasonal box" in the linen closet, and a few fall/winter pieces came back into the closet.

Then I rearranged the layout so that all casual items and work pants are on the top shelf, and business + special occasion clothes are on the bottom and on the far right. I wear skirts and dresses to work most days, and pants less often (hence, relegating them to the top shelf). And casual wear is only for the weekends and trips. So, everything I wear often is right within reach.

The final touch was hanging a curtain rod to match the window treatment. The drapes came from Target last summer, by way of my mom (who bought them when she was redecorating my childhood bedroom in very similar colors last summer - I should probably do a post about that when I'm home over Christmas, eh?)

I love love love the new curtains! And now, when guests are on their way and I don't have time to make the closet look like it should, I can just close the drapes :)

I think I'll probably keep them open most of the time, but I like having the option. They match the sheets perfectly, which works out well.

How about you? Any good tips for keeping closets organized and happy?

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