Tuesday, September 6, 2011


For anyone who thinks I'm exaggerating when I say that my family* invades my house when they come to visit, here are some examples:

True, it was back-to-school weekend for the young'ns. But still. That's some chaos for a girl who usually lives alone.

But yesterday they all left ... back to school, back to California ... and I'm home alone in the house for the first time in almost three weeks. (Which only lasts until Thursday when I pick up some beloved friends who will be staying with me for another friend's wedding this weekend.) It was great having them around, though, and I'm going to miss coming home to my mom's cooking when I'm working late nights this week :)

And they helped me with some great projects, so I'll have more posts for ya'll soon. Fun updates afoot around the little farmhouse...

For now, I'm just sitting here laughing at these photos and comparing them to my now very clean, very still, very empty living room. The very picture of the tradeoff between cleanliness and community.

*Hi fam. Love ya.

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