Tuesday, September 13, 2011

sconces + mirrors

When dad was here last weekend, he helped me hang some things in the yellow bedroom and the living room.

First, the massive frame of painted tiles that mom found in California and that we thought would be perfect for their room. First we tried the wall between the windows:

But it was a little too big. So we tried it on the wall on the other side of the bed.


Then it was on to the mirror, to fill some space on the wall above the dresser.

It was just the thing the room needed -- it fits perfectly between the dresser and the ceiling, and it's great for making the room feel more open.

With the new side tables that mom found, the yellow bedroom is feeling a lot more complete.

Then dad helped me hang some sconces in the living room:

And I rearranged the table in the corner, just for fun. Because you know me ... I can't help it. A disease, I swear :)

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