Sunday, October 27, 2013

carrot soup and apple cornbread

I tried the most divine roasted carrot + coconut soup at a dinner party last month, and was inspired to try recreating it when I saw a beautiful bunch of carrots at the farmer's market. I ended up roasting the carrots in coconut oil, then sauteeing onions and adding the carrots plus coconut milk and chicken broth, simmering until the liquids reduced. A few spins in the blender and I had a delicious fall soup to go along with a new cornbread recipe. Feet up, candles lit and Revenge on Sunday night TV ... it's a beautiful evening.

Recipes courtesy of Bon Appetit: Carrot and Coconut Soup (adapted) + Apple-Thyme Cornbread

apple thyme cornbread sauteeing onions roasted carrotscarrot-coconut soup and apple-thyme cornbread

Monday, October 21, 2013

these apples, those apples, all the apples

This is called Apple Day at the Farmhouse.

It's a real thing.

These are the adorable mini caramel apple crumbles that Magdalena made without a recipe (she's brilliant at that sort of thing)

This is the most high-maintenance, but delicious, apple pie you've ever met in your life. I went to five liquor stores to find the apple brandy for the sauce.

Aprons are a must.

This is the apple jam that will change your life.

 And this is my distraction from the suddenly winter weather here in Minnesota.