Sunday, January 27, 2013

new recipes and a new year's goal

To set the stage today: I'm sitting at my dining room table, listening to the down-home swinging tunes of A Prairie Home Companion and Lynn Rossetto Casper's soothing voice on The Splendid Table. A cup of Good Earth Tea in my favorite teacup, and cloudy skies predicting (hopefully) snow later today. My kitchen is finally clean, I'm home for an entire weekend and the week ahead, and I'm catching up on all things personal and work-related.

I'm not quite ready to tackle my inbox, which suffered terribly from a personal trip to Atlanta last weekend and a work trip to Kansas City this week. So instead, I'm going to tell you about a few of my favorite new recipes. Not a lot of pictures this post, because I wasn't so much in documentation mode when I was scarfing these down earlier in January. But you can find lots of beautiful photographs on Bon Appetit's website, since that's where they all came from.

For I, Miss Little Farmhouse, valiantly attempted to follow the Food Lover's Two-Week Cleanse a few weeks back. The first week was great; I mostly failed the second week; and my trip to Atlanta definitely threw a wrench in everything. But I discovered some great new staple recipes to add to my repertoire, so it was definitely worth it. For starters:

New Breakfast Favorites
Citrus Salad with Yogurt and Rosemary (add yogurt and agave nectar/honey to this recipe from day 4)


In the Lunch Rotation

Weekend Dinners with Lunch Leftovers

Conveniently, this project also served one of my 2013 goals: to try 30 new recipes. In fact, I tried 12 new recipes in two weeks thanks to the menus and meal plans from BA. So I think I'll blow way past 30 this year! Regardless, I'll try to report back each month with the new recipes I've tried so you can join in the fun.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

a wedding at Downton, a party at the farmhouse

It was a night for celebrating ... Mary + Matthew's long-awaited walk down the aisle, the return of must-watch tv on Sunday nights, and welcoming Tembo into the friend family. Cell phones were exiled to the hall table. Like you do.

On the menu:
Cucumber tea sandwiches
Raspberry Gelato and Meringues


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: all the things!

All those things I mentioned in the last post? Haven't done them yet. Whoops! BUT I have been spending lots of great time traveling (for work, for fun, and of course, for weddings). More to come about house updates soon, though, since that's one of my resolutions this year.

I spent New Year's weekend hanging out in my childhood neighborhood, and I was feeling nostalgic so here are a few of my favorite away-from-the-house moments from the last twelve months. 

Minneapolis ~ Dec. 30, 2011 ~ Kelin & Mike

Des Moines ~ June 9, 2012 ~ Caitlin & Alex

Minneapolis ~ July 14, 2012 ~ Sarah & Steve

Davis, CA ~ July 28, 2012 ~ Bethany & Adam

New Braunfels, TX ~ Aug. 25, 2012 ~ Kelli & Kyle

Honolulu ~ Sept. 9, 2012 ~ Christina & Andrew

Northfield, MN ~ Sept. 15, 2012 ~ Lauren & Jamison

Wimberly, TX ~ Dec. 29, 2012 ~ Courtney & Cullen