Sunday, April 18, 2010

history lesson

Stopped by the house on Saturday so my friend Foxwell could see it while he's in town, and look what we found!

the first cherry tomato sprouts

tulips in the garden

We also met Otto and Olive, my neighbors to the south. My house and Otto's house were on the market around the same time back in 2001, so he considered buying it. But...
"Back then, it was abandoned and about to be condemned. A bunch of prostitutes had been living there, and just throwing their trash in the yard and the alley. The toilet barely worked, and the kitchen was a disaster."
Otto told us all about what J & J (the previous owners) had done to fix up the house - from completely redoing the kitchen to expanding the bathroom (which is why the farmhouse door room is so much smaller and lacking a closet).

And the coolest part? Otto says that the house was actually moved to the neighborhood from its original location. He couldn't remember where the original farm had been, exactly, or when it was moved - but I'm going to look into it and let you know what I find.

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  1. how did you know I had JUST checked your blog and hoped for an update? MIND READER. Love the flowers, and love that you got to see our buddy.