Tuesday, October 18, 2011

summer travels, lonely house

These days when someone asks me "how is the house," the answer is usually "I haven't seen it in a while." Not to mention working on house or garden projects. Since mid-May, I've:

  • been to 10 weddings
  • changed jobs (yeah, I probably forgot to mention that)
  • traveled (for work or for weddings) to Omaha, Northern California, Atlanta, New York City (twice), North Carolina and Washington D.C.

Truth: Fun for me but not so fun for keeping up with this place.

October is turning out to be just as hectic as the summer was, but I'm finding more efficient ways to keep up with the cleaning and lawn care on the days in between trips. It's a challenge, but I do like having this place to come home to ... so I think I'll keep it :)

In honor of a truly amazing summer, and to give you a glimpse of my life outside the house, here are some of my favorite moments from the last four months:

The stunning sunset at the wedding of this amazing lady and her fantastic husband

A rare photo-op with 12 of the 17 cousins at Rachel and Mark's wedding in Omaha (the first of three cousin weddings this summer!)

Grade-school girlfriends at Carolyn's wedding in Half Moon Bay, California

One of many Lake Minnetonka days with my family

Reminiscing with Kelli about our childhood days in Texas on one of my two trips to New York City, where she now lives (and blogs!)

College roommates! Nancy was the first of the Plum House girls to tie the knot

Catching up with more college friends in Washington D.C. in September

Dancing with Stephen, my like-a-brother friend that I've known since 5th grade, at his wedding in Napa Valley in May

Nate, Care, Sugi, me and Newman at, you guessed it, another wedding

Johnny and Maria's wedding in Minneapolis (more cousins!)

Twins win! One of the best comebacks in baseball history.

Celebrating mom's 20th anniversary with PartyLite at their National Conference in Minneapolis in July, alongside two of her best friends (amazing women, all of them)

Getting my Michael Cuddyer home run ball signed (I caught it during a game two summers ago) -- definitely a top highlight :)

A weekend at Newman's lake cabin in Wisconsin

An Agnes a Cappella reunion at Kelin's bridal shower


And, the most surreal moment: standing next to Alison, my best friend since we were born, during her beautiful wedding in Atlanta.

My southern roots are showing a little bit more than usual, eh? Did I mention there were hats?

Yes. An amazing, blessed summer. 

It's okay if I hibernate in the house all winter, though, right?


PS -- I'm back home for a few weeks before a jaunt to Boston ... and tomorrow I'll have photos from a major house upgrade. One where I didn't have to lift a finger. Hooray :)


  1. Good. Gosh.

    How are you still upright after all that! You get points for breathing in and out!