Monday, November 15, 2010

putting the walls to work

Remember that cool coat/key hook made out of old trim I found at Junk Bonanza a few weeks back?

It's finally up and making itself useful:

So are the ribbon boards that I got for free from a neighbor in California, and which hung over my bed in the old house:

Now they're prettying up the pantry nook, and are the perfect place to stash recipes, tickets and brochures that I need but don't want cluttering up the fridge. I'd considered giving them away when I moved, but now I'm really glad I didn't :)

I also finally got around to hanging the completely non-useful but oh-so-pretty piece of ironwork that I found at a farmer's market in Salt Lake City this summer:

And hopefully I'll have more progress to show soon... you know, now that the snow is here and I'll be stuck inside for four months ;)

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