Sunday, September 19, 2010

Junk Bonanza

This was in town this weekend. They say it's the largest juried junk/antiques show in the Midwest. I've been hearing about it for months, and when Megan and I saw discounted admission tickets on Groupon last weekend, we snatched them.

That's how we found ourselves drinking Bloody Mary's and sorting through bins of old buttons, stamps and puzzle pieces at 10:30 am on a Saturday.

But oh was it ever worth it.

Hydrangeas - and good ideas - everywhere we looked. (Really - I lost count of how many sellers had dried hydrangeas out. And they were gorgeous.)

And I came home with a few prizes, too. First, a pair of knives that are an almost-perfect match to my current set (I've given up on matching them exactly). I just adore wide knives like these. So hard to find at reasonable prices, too.

Then, a fun little Wedgewood bowl (just larger than a teacup, and infinitely cuter because of the two handles). It's already at home in my bedroom, patiently holding the jewelry I cast off as I went to bed last night. I'm guessing that won't ever change.

A key/coat hook made of old trim (the kind that is in most houses built c. 1900, but for some reason, not mine.)

And, last but not least, the coolest bud vases I've ever found:

Made of old silverware and suction cups, I immediately pictured them in my kitchen window.

Where they now happily reside with some Black Eyed Susans from the garden.

Overall, a great day at the Junk Bonanza. I'm so excited about the things I found even though they're just odds and ends. If I'd been in the market for a handmade dining room table, antique chandelier, beautifully distressed dresser or one-of-a-kind buffet, I could have done some major damage. But luckily for my wallet, my house is much too small for any more big furniture :) So, small things it is. But I still hope it comes back next year....

- LG


  1. Lauren I love it!!! Looking at all your posts is making me excited to grow up and own a house some day!! Love you cousin!

  2. Can you please tell me how the silverware bud vase is attached to the window suction cup? I have pc of silver of my grandmas and I would love to make one.

  3. Julieann - sure! Each vase has a small hole drilled in the back. The suction cups have wire hooks that go through the holes. I'm not sure how the bud vases are constructed, though.