Saturday, November 6, 2010

curtains in the yellow room

It took three tries, but we finally found curtains we like for the yellow room! "We" meaning, me and my mother ;) We found them a while ago, actually, but I just realized that I'd never posted photos.

At first we tried patterned drapes, then dark green. I should have taken photos along the way but I forgot.

But I'm glad we found the brown. They're sheer, so they don't feel overwhelming in the room. But they also tie the rug and bed pillows together and complement the yellow walls nicely.

Now... we just have to find a headboard that will fit under the sloped ceiling. Ideally we'll find one that has bookshelves extending on either side, since there isn't really room for bedside tables. So far it's been a tall order. Suggestions welcome :)

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