Thursday, July 15, 2010

the TV stand with no TV

The third big project I tackled last weekend (other than covering up the polka dots and painting the yellow room) was assembling a bookshelf/entertainment center for the basement, with the help of a strong and patient friend.

Here's the space I wanted to fill:

I found a piece at IKEA that fills about two-thirds of the space, and I'll fill in the remainder of the wall nook with another smaller bookshelf. I also chose this piece because it's designed for a TV - and although I don't have one yet, I imagine I'll acquire one eventually. But for now, it will at least get my books off the floor of the basement!

The big assembly:


It was a monster, that's for sure.

Yes. It's a lot of books. Trust me, I've moved them all multiple times. And this isn't even all of them.

But I had to save room for the imaginary TV, you know.

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  1. Of course you have to save room for the imaginery TV...because I am coming there soon:) and then I will want it to be real!