Saturday, June 12, 2010

machines on strike

I'm not sure how I killed the washing machine. Really. It just stopped working after I opened the door to add something. I thought maybe I could fix it by unplugging it... but apparently, what works for laptops and wireless routers does not exactly work for washing machines (even fancy new-ish ones).

btw this is not what you want to be doing on a saturday night before a birthday party.

oh and did I mention the dryer also up and quit? it, too, was working just fine...

I'm hoping my neighbors just think I'm hilarious, rather than weird, when I do things like hang laundry in the backyard and play country music all afternoon through my outdoor speakers.


- LG

PS: this all happened last weekend. but since I don't have internet OR a washer/dryer right now, this is what you get. both repairmen are coming today. so.excited.

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