Wednesday, June 16, 2010

drill baby drill

I've always had a love-hate relationship with Father's Day. I love my dad, but he's notoriously difficult to shop for. So it can be stressful.

But I have a new reason to adore this Hallmark holiday: hardware store sales.

Every thing a girl could want for her new home seems to be on sale this weekend.

Case in point, my new drill:

And never fear, I got a nifty drill bit and driver set, too.

All on sale.

You betcha.

So this year, my Father's Day gift is learning how to do all the fix-it-up stuff around my house... so my dad won't have to do it when he comes to visit. Pretty good present, huh?


  1. yaaaaay, but watch out.. it might become your new best friend

  2. Excellent gift! And the Millers might have to come and take a tutorial on "how to fix things"...

  3. funny... I was thinking maybe the Millers would be my teachers ;) guess we'll just have to learn together