Saturday, March 27, 2010

Empty House

After the closing on Thursday, I went over to the house for a little while to take pictures and check on some things. First, I was surprised by this lovely housewarming gift from the sellers:

Isn't that sweet?! Matt's is my favorite place, and I can't wait to use the gift certificate. They were so nice throughout the whole process. The even left me a map of the garden:

And, within the hour I was at the house, I met two new neighbors. One knocked on the door after he saw me taking pictures on the porch - he and his wife just bought their first house across the street about a year ago. My neighbor directly across the street was playing catch with her son in the yard when I left. Both are named Chris (the neighbors I met, not the mom and son). No way am I going to complain about friendly neighbors :)

So here are a few shots of the house, now that it's empty! Won't be that way for long...

The moving-in has officially begun:

- LG

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