Saturday, June 18, 2011

it feels like I'm moving again

But don't worry, I'm not. In fact, today is reminding me why I hope to not have to move again for many, many years!

With that, a moment of silence please for my beloved red napping couch.

Which these people came today to pick up and take to their beautiful little home across the freeway:

And now my living room looks like this:

And my dining room looks like this (for the purposes of maneuvering oversized couches through teensy tiny doorways):

And this lovely friend will be picking up the love seat shortly.

And then the room will be empty.

And I will sweep and polish the floors, and tape the trim, and paint paint paint, and in less than two weeks, my living room will look nothing like it used to.

If things go as planned, maybe something kind of like this:

Or this:

Or even a little like this:

Which is fantastically exciting, and also a little sad. I guess that's what the word "bittersweet" is for.

And I'm glad the red couches are going to good homes where I'll still be able to enjoy them once and a while :)

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