Friday, February 25, 2011

fresh bread

This just came out of the oven:

Can you smell it? Warm, buttery beer bread.

Nothing better on a cold Friday afternoon, when you've just arrived home from a business trip and have nothing else in the house to eat, than pouring a bottle of beer in a bowl with some beer bread mix and shoving it in the oven.

See all the yummy bumps and cracks from the butter? Mmmmm.

If you've never had beer bread, I'm truly sorry for you. It doesn't taste like beer, per se. But I will say it's almost as good as popping open a cold brew (and even better for times when you can't throw a few back, like when you actually have a hundred upcoming deadlines and need to sit and work all afternoon. Perfect for those times.)

So yeah. I'm going to eat that and get back to work :)

Just thought you might like the photos.

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