Tuesday, September 14, 2010

under-the-stairwell magic

Situation: storage closet under the basement stairs. Three doors (all access points for different appliances) but not a lot of room for storing boxes.

So far, I haven't used the space for anything other than the cans of paint that the previous owners left. (Sorry - didn't think to take a photo of that gem.) A serious waste of space.

To the rescue: customized InterMetro shelving from The Container Store. Three sets of rolling shelves to fit under the stairwell. Like this:

Luckily, the shelves were the perfect width for the under-the-stairs nook, and we had the posts cut to fit according to the height at each level. All we had to do was assemble the shelves, add the wheels and roll them into the closet.

Ta-da! They're perfect. And did I mention 25% off? Thank you, annual shelving sale.


  1. All I can think is Pride and Prejudice: "Shelves in the closet! Happy thought indeed.