Monday, June 11, 2012

Fan Fixer

Sometimes you do things out of sheer desperation. Such as, within two minutes of meeting your friend's new boyfriend AND finding out he lives in your neighborhood AND that he's good at fixing things (specifically, a carpenter), and immediately upon processing all of this information, asking if you can cook him dinner in exchange for him trying to fix your ceiling fan, which has been on since last August (and annoyingly, all winter long) because the chain fell out of the fan one day.

You might be tempted to hide under a rock after saying such a thing to a stranger, but instead you sort of laugh it off. And then the NEXT time you see him, the prospect of getting your ceiling fan fixed has you so giddy that you pull out your calendar and set a date right then and there. It's a good thing your friend loves you so much that her boyfriend doesn't think you're completely out of your mind. Or maybe he does but he hides it very well.

And then, because of your desperate ask, and maybe because of the sausage & polenta casserole, he manages to fix your fan (and also, to label the fuse box, which the previous owner never got around to doing when it came to the upstairs switch).


Thanks Daniel!!!

1 comment:

  1. No desperation allowed! A benefit of significant others is that friends can pool resources ;) Glad the fan got fixed, I've been trying to get my landlord to fix some things at our place, and I'd pay a week of dinners at this point.