Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Critter Tales

This would be my overgrown backyard (already! so much rain!) and my backyard bunny. He's becoming very tame. By which I mean, he doesn't run away when I walk through the yard or sneak up on him to take pictures. Mostly.

My hope is that someday he can intervene on my behalf with my nemesis, mr. woodpecker, who has taken up residence in the tree outside my bedroom window.

But Bunny hasn't moved from his super strategic watch out post (middle of the yard) in at least 10 minutes. So maybe he's not the aggressive type. Which is a bummer, because I'd gladly pay him in kale (on purpose this year) if he'd convince mr. woodpecker to find a new neighborhood.

In other backyard animal shenanigan news, the squirrels are no more adept at balancing on the new gutters than they were the old ones.

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