Sunday, April 15, 2012

front garden: doubled!

My major accomplishment this weekend: doubling the size of the garden in the front yard. I've never loved the front garden the way I love the side and back gardens. I've thought about building a raised flower bed to fill the space better, but it wasn't a project I was ready to tackle this year (and then I went and bought a whisky barrel...)

This weekend, while spreading mulch on the flower beds in the side yard, I noticed that the grass wasn't growing back very well near the front yard flower bed. After 10 minutes of digging out grass clumps and another 10 minutes of dumping garden soil and mulch on the newly cleared area... I had a curvaceous, beautiful garden bed that matches the style of the rest of the garden :)

To be honest, I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner. It was so easy, and completely transformed the look of the front yard. At some point, I plan to fill in the space with some shade-loving perennials. For now, it looks at least 100% better than it did 72 hours ago :)

In lesser news, I also spread some funny-looking grass seed in the backyard to fill in a bald patch:

And we've been getting some cra-zy storms since I finished my yardwork yesterday. Hopefully they won't strip my tulips to shreds :(

With love from the farmhouse....

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