Saturday, February 25, 2012


You've met Danica before, here on the blog. Usually in the context of crafts and projects, at which she is a creative genius. She is a full-time photographer, which I admire (and envy, just a little bit). I love her style, her eye for visual storytelling, and her kind soul. We're bartering skills from our day jobs to help each other out, so she came over last week to snap a few shots of me around the house (I needed a new headshot for something coming up this spring). But I especially adore this one from the kitchen:

More of her lovely work here, on her blog.

Thanks, Danica :)

*GPOYS = gratuitous picture of you Saturday (GPOYW = gratuitous picture of you Wednesday, a popular Tumblr phenomenon that I do not normally participate in, being that this is Blogger... ;) )

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