Sunday, July 10, 2011

a more lived-in living room

I pulled the tables and lamps that used to be in the living room back in with the new couch. The basic set-up might look familiar, but I think you'll all agree the room as a whole looks dramatically different than the old red and white version!

I think this room might be my favorite project so far because it's the first chance I've had to really create a space entirely from scratch. For most of the other rooms in the house, I've had existing furniture or colors to work around. But this room was a blank slate once I knew I wasn't going to stick with the red couches.

I'm also really excited about the accessory colors and pieces that I'll be able to pull in to accent the teal and brown. Here's what I have so far, on the table in the corner. This will likely change when I get shelves and artwork up in the room, and I haven't decided yet if I'm going to keep the white table and wicker coffee table/blanket basket. Lots to figure out, yet.

Decor details, for those who are interested:

The peacock feathers were only $3 apiece at a local antique store, and they're one of the design elements I've had in my head all along for the room. The lantern, 3-wick pillar and candle tray are all by PartyLite. The peacock accent plate was something I found on clearance last Christmas at Anthropologie, and I've been saving it for this room ever since. The pashmina throw across the back of the couch was a birthday present from my mom, and she found it at Midtown Global Market here in the neighborhood. The lamps in the room are hand-me-downs -- the big one is from my parents (they've had it since their wedding 31 years ago) and the smaller lamp came from a swap meet a few months ago. The instruments are all mine, and yes I play them :)

Next up: hanging shelves and other things the walls. I might be calling on some extra hands to help with that ...

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  1. oh it looks lovely! i like how you've paired the peacock plate with the feathers so it abstractly looks like the bird. leather was such a good choice.