Sunday, January 9, 2011

a bathroom with no drawers

It didn't occur to me until I'd already bought the house that there are no drawers in the bathroom. Not. a. one. It's logical: no countertop vanity = no drawers. And it took about two seconds for me to realize that this was an awesome thing. No drawers = less to clean (and we all know that dust just loves to collect in the hard-to-reach corners of bathroom drawers). It also helps me keep my toiletries down to a bare minimum, considering that most of them are on open shelves or contained within the small mirrored medicine cabinet above the sink.

So, for any of you considering a bathroom remodel, I can highly recommend doing so with no drawers. Baskets and well-designed shelves will do the trick for most things... and for eyeshadow and jewelry, just grab a few pretty glass bowls from a thrift or antique store. If you're like me, they'll make you smile every morning.

Granted, none of this would be possible without the linen closet across the hall - crucial for storing extra boxes of kleenex, bottles of shampoo and guest towels.

If not for that, the no-drawers and no-cabinets situation might be a little harder to manage. But otherwise, it's going great so far.

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