Saturday, October 30, 2010

trick or tip: hanging photos

Because it's hard to hang picture frames well without help....

Because I hate that all of my picture frames are sitting in piles, unhung....

Because I finally got fed up and started looking for solutions....

You get to learn my new favorite trick.

Step 1: Use painting tape to measure the distance between the hanging wire and the top of the photo frame.

Step 2: Determine wall location and make a small mark on the wall at the center of the top edge of the frame.

Step 3: Place the strip of tape on the wall, just below the mark for the frame's top edge, then insert nail at bottom edge of tape.

Step 4: Remove tape and, voila!

This trick works particularly well with frames that have hanging wires that sit at different levels (like the IKEA frames that you assemble yourself). It would also work well for mirrors and sconces that require multiple holes at precise measurements.

Have your own no-fail trick for hanging things? Share it in the comments!

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