Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one step closer to a finished basement

Despite the hassle of receiving a "signature required" package from UPS when one is hardly ever home, I finally got my TV!

It doesn't work yet, of course. I need new cords for the DVD player, and an antenna to get signal in the basement.

But that's okay. The bookshelves are done, and as soon as I get a couch down there, it will be quite the cozy hideaway.

Here are a few of the couches I'm considering... any fan favorites? I'm looking for a couch that will fit down the narrow stairwell, match the white furniture and lemongrass walls, and fit at least 2-3 people (I'm thinking I'll put an armchair down there eventually, too).


  1. Maybe the Sutton Sofette from West Elm? I'm just throwing out another option if you plan on getting something new.

  2. Great idea! I love it. Will definitely swing by a West Elm to take a closer look.

  3. comfort is the number one factor, then style, enjoy the fam