Sunday, May 9, 2010

more fun firsts

Guess what I learned this weekend?

1. Someone in my neighborhood has a BB gun.
2. This person has good aim with squirrels.

I'll spare you the photos of how I know this (although they do exist). But it involved discovering two dead squirrels in my yard whilst mowing the lawn on Saturday.

Thanks to my old dog, Shauna, it's not the first time I've found dead squirrels in the yard. But it was a first for this house - so I guess it counts for the list.

Sunday was exciting in a different way... my dad, grandparents and uncle got to see the house for the first time!

Sarah, Grandpa, Grandma & Uncle John

Dad and his girls

Also pretty cool: my grandpa lived four blocks down on the same street when he was studying at the U back in the 40's:

The only thing missing was Mom. I miss you! Happy mother's day... I love you, you know.

- LG

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  1. and Sterling! We miss you too and yes Lauren I love you too...lots and lots and lots!